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Are You letting the past rule your decisions and steal your personal power & confidence?

"Stepping out your comfort zone "

Are You letting the past rule your decisions and steal your personal power and confidence?
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I’m here to guide you to your highest, most kickass Self. To know and express Your Power. The kind of Power that’s calling on you to step out of the shadows of mediocrity and onto the stage of your greatness. The kind of Power that boldly embraces the reason you’re here in the first place, without apologies, guilt, or shame. The kind of Power that releases you from the shackles of the past as well as others’ expectations and opinions. Yes, the journey back to yourself can be tough. But it’s also damn worth it.

As an expert in executive and leadership training, I focus on helping successful women reclaim their full Power, gifts, and talents. I’ve dedicated my life to supporting, encouraging, and inspiring women of all ages and life paths—to walk and talk the life they truly want (and must experience!). I know from my own hard-won experience how invisible patterns of negative self-talk, unhealed emotional pain, and toxic relationships can hold us back.
Through the years, I’ve worked with many courageous women who’ve enjoyed some success but still aren’t living their full potential. Their voice feels stifled. They allow self-doubts and past conditioning to stop them from taking life-changing risks. They tend to feel lost at times or lose confidence right when they need it the most.

I mentor women who are ready to seek a deeper understanding of their behaviors, take responsibility for their growth and evolution, and invest in changing their lives for Good. It means weeding through the impact of past experiences and pinpointing those areas that don’t align with who they are.

Is this really possible? Hell yes.
Self-doubt, lack of clarity, low confidence, and crippling fear are all painful states that can stop us from living the life we were born to. As a woman working in both corporate and creative arenas, I understand the struggle to feel heard and valued. And, I’ve learned that there is a way to connect back to the Power you were born with—back to your innate creativity, inner strengths, and dreamed-of success. I can help you find—and know it.

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Professional Bio

Veronica is an award-winning motivational speaker, producer and author. She has more than 30 years in corporate leadership and specializes in business systems efficiency and project management.

She is a unique speaker in that she also focuses on helping women reclaim their power—career-wise and personally—regardless of age, past trauma, and other challenges. In addition, Veronica gives candid talks on overcoming childhood sexual abuse and trauma based on her many years of extensive research and own dramatic story as told in her latest book “The Other Side of Pain.”

Veronica has given inspiring talks for many notable organizations, including: NASDAQ, 1000 Speakers, Harvard Club of Boston and Carnegie Hall to name a few. She has participated as a guild member for Big Brother Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, one of the largest youth mentoring organizations in southern California. She is also one of Farrah’s Angel in the Farrah Fawcett Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer, as these two notable organizations collaborate to develop the most effective, cutting-edge research on the hunt to cure HPV-related cancers.

On the creative side, Veronica is the founder and CEO of Crystal Eyes Enterprises, a production-performance company based in Hollywood, California. She is a veteran actress and singer, performing monthly with her Country Duo Crystal Whiskey. She has produced and written several television pilots and is the creator and producer of the popular Nature Relaxation series TV ArtScapes.®

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