Shameless – No Apology, No Excuses

Veronica Crystal Young has been a successful senior manager in the corporate Healthcare world for years. Her passion, however, was performing but she ignored that pull towards the creative and performance arts. She was sidelined by a life of shame and pain that she could not name initially. It wasn’t until she dove into personal development head-first that she understood the obstacle that stood in her way.

Shameless: 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power (The Critical Courage to Change) by Veronica Crystal Young 

Every day, child sexual abuse survivors are beginning to understand they no longer have to hide in the shadows; cling to blame, guilt, and shame; see themselves as current victims, or hide their light. Drawing from her own experiences, Veronica Crystal Young demonstrates how to recognize that past trauma is running the show; triggering negative thoughts and emotions and driving self-destructive choices and limiting beliefs.  

Although extremely successful at her job, Veronica lacked personal contentment and was filled with shame from sexual abuse, a domestic violence relationship and various other relationships that were unhealthy and unfulfilling. When she journeyed to The Other Side of Pain, which also happens to be the title of Young’s first book, she committed to living a life without shame, pursuing creative and performance arts and speaking and coaching women to know their power to take charge of their happiness and leave the judgements and validations of herself others behind.  To experience fulfillment with no apology, no excuses for what they want.

Veronica Crystal Young

“My mission remains to inspire you to believe in your power, your choices, and your greatness. To show you the first steps to leave shame behind and create freedom from the past. Live for today with confidence, purpose, and love.”  This is the call to action from Veronica’s book Shameless, 7 Steps to Reclaim your Power. Veronica doesn’t want any woman to appear externally successful and be mired in shame or feelings of inadequacy internally. It is no way to live an extraordinary life she believes each woman is destined for and deserves.

Veronica Crystal Young brings the perfect combination of experience and education to the table when transforming the lives of unhappy, unfulfilled, and frustrated women trying to get ahead personally and professionally. 

Aside from all that she brings with her from her corporate position as a Senior Patient Financial Services Manager, and her creative endeavors as a film maker, nature videographer, actress, and singer…..

Veronica's Videography: TV ArtScapes
 Veronica Crystal Young in Performance: "Elvis and Juliet" with Fred Willard
Veronica Crystal Young's Music: Crystal Whiskey - Singin' Country New and Classic 

Veronica also boasts coaching leadership accreditation from prestigious Coaches Training Institute and the Forton Group.

 Veronica Crystal Young's Workshops: Reclaim Your Power

Veronica shares her experience with abuse and trauma and how she refused to let those events define her. She teaches by example how to reach-in to resilience to find the courage to live the best life possible.

Speaking: Veronica Crystal Young on the Nasdaq Jumbotron in New York City
Veronica Crystal Young at Carnegie Hall: The Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing with Martha Stewart, Walter O'Brien, Jerry Greenfield, and Ice-T & Coco

Shameless- 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power is Available on Amazon.com and veronicacrystalyoung.com.

The #1 International Best-Selling book It Is Done! can be found at Amazon.com.

The Other Side Of Pain is Available online at Amazon.com, Bn.com, major bookstores and veronicacrystalyoung.com. 

For more information regarding Shameless – 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power, contact Author – Veronica Crystal Young at 1-888-882-7871 X3 


Shameless- 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power is a personal guide to awareness, change, and what it takes to find the YOU again. That confident, funny, adventurous, curious, loving person you USED to be until the world and circumstances changed your idea about YOU. We were all born beautiful and perfect. Experiences in life will affect how we feel about ourselves and others, and if we are paying attention, we can make better choices and quit the need to prove we are worthy of success and love. Veronica Crystal Young shares her hard-won wisdom and the steps she took to leave the past of emotional and physical abuse to become a successful corporate and creative businesswoman. She teaches and speaks about coping with emotional stress and the critical courage it will take for any changes you want in your life. She details the steps to reclaim confidence, how to recognize when the past might be creating fear about who you are and what you need to be, do, or have to be happy.

Veronica Crystal Young in "Fortune in Gold: A Homeless Woman's Final Journey" - Award-winning movie
Veronica Crystal Young, #1 Bestselling Author of "It Is Done!"