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I lived with unhappiness, loneliness and doubt, despite outward Success. 

Now I walk on the other side of that unhappiness and pain. I talk about how in my books and as a public speaker. 

There is a joyful and fulfilling life after an abusive and painful past…. 

Veronica is on a quest to help women stop the struggle, find their power and the courage to choose their extraordinary lives!

Whether you are a struggling mom or a CEO of a multimillion dollar company, you need to handle stress and emotions with a clear head, know who you are and that you have the power to change where you are and where you want to be. You need to navigate your “next” with confidence and create that change to maximize success and happiness. This is the Essence of Change.

We must intentionally develop ourselves, then we have the conscious ability to make informed choices. Choices that can change our way of “being,” change results, and create the true happiness, joy and love we desire. Contentment, self-confidence and wild success follows.

From Childhood Sexual Abuse victim to Corporate Leader, Author and Motivational Speaker

Veronica understands the disappointment when lacking self-confidence, not being able to speak up, and feeling like a victim of our circumstances. Sexually abused from age 12-19, dropping out of college and marrying into domestic emotional abuse, Veronica realized the biggest obstacle to success is adopting reasons and excuses.  Veronica shares her powerful story of transformation from victim of child abuse to success in both Corporate and Creative careers.  She speaks and delivers a message of hope, inspiring audiences to remember that what happens to you doesn’t define you.  It can be the catalyst for change.

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Every woman deserves access to life changing tools of transformation, practical information, and real principles she can apply to increase her confidence, know who she is, what she really wants, and improve her circumstances at home, at work, and in her life.



“Those with courage to choose their destiny, know they have the power within to live an extraordinary life.”



Speaker providing valuable information and actionable steps on leadership, entrepreneurship, moving past trauma, and personal growth.


Author of Shameless-7 Steps to Reclaim your Power and The Other Side of Pain – overcoming childhood sexual abuse.

Serial Enrepreneur

Creator and owner of several businesses with expertise in video production, and creative tools for business and personal development.


One-on-one Leadership, Resilience, and Change Coach and Mentor. Expertise in Business Development, Clarity of Purpose and Personal Power and Confidence.

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