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Freedom from The Past
Happiness in The Present
Clarity for your Future

“Coaching entails a commitment and willingness to look at the present moment, take stock of goals, beliefs, values and fulfillment, all designed to expand and facilitate a change from where you are, to where you want to BE, and what you want to do or have.”

Many courageous women who’ve enjoyed some success, still feel like they are not living their full potential.

“If you don’t make peace with your past, it will keep showing up in the your present”

– Wayne Dyer

I find that many times there are lingering effects of a past experience or trauma that is still impacting their life today.

They want a change, but they feel stuck, empty, unhappy and unfulfilled, despite the outward appearance of “having it all.” They allow self-doubts and past conditioning to stop them from taking life-changing risks. They disconnect from what they really want, enter unhealthy relationships, and tend to lose confidence right when they need it the most. They suffer in the silence, when their deepest desire is to change their situation and say and do what they really want.

When we feel overwhelmed, stressed and tired with life, we can ACT like everything is OK, make excuses for why we are not happy, and settle for where we are instead of taking the steps to change, personally or professionally.

From Professionals to stay-at-home moms alike, when you work with Veronica, you focus on your inner growth and evolution and seek a deeper understanding of your behaviors and choices, changing your life for good. With Veronica’s help, you will be living for today, leaving the stories, feelings and unconscious impact of past experiences behind. Plans for next steps naturally emerge, creating more energy and positive forward momentum.

Work With Me

You will experience these results:

  • Clarity on your core values, beliefs, boundaries and what you want in life
  • Deeper, authentic, and intimate relationships with family members and friends
  • Courage and Confidence to speak up and be heard in your relationships and career
  • Unshakable truth that you are worthy of love, you are enough, and you are important
  • Feel deep in your soul happiness and contentment
  • Practical tools and inspiration that help you make powerful choices
  • Resilience and ability to get back on track after setbacks or disappointments
  • Leave guilt and apology behind when taking care of YOU
  • Ability to take immediate and decisive action on your goals and vision
  • Put feelings of overwhelm in their place and gain empowering perspectives
  • Get excited about the impact you can and will make on the world

Why wait for a crisis to implement the steps for the change you want? It is time to experience the Success and Joy you deserve.

“I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions about work life, other interests and life’s uncertainty. Veronica was able to help me put things in perspective. Our meetings were sometimes emotional as they touched on inner feelings, vulnerability and trust. Through this process I have noticed a greater level of confidence, security in being myself, not caught up in people pleasing and maintaining integrity and humbleness, which is the person I AM. I am fortunate to have had Veronica help me navigate my journey to being a successful, powerful woman.”

– LC

As a woman working for over 30 years in both corporate and creative arenas, I understand the struggle to feel heard, valued and seen.

And how sometimes our stories of who we are from past experiences and the fear of uncertainty or change can stop us from Living for Today and Living Free.

I’ve learned the steps to connect back to the Power that is YOU—back to your innate creativity, inner strengths, and YOUR vision of success and happiness.

Work With Me

You Can RECLAIM it.
You Can KNOW it.
You Can LIVE it.

Why wait for a crisis to implement the steps for the change you want? It is time to experience the Success and Joy you deserve.