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It is Done

eBook $5.99 or Hardcopy $12.99

Success Leaves Clues. Are You Ready to Follow Them?

Discover 15 Secrets to Manifest Your Dream Life from 15 Successful Global Entrepreneurs! Now you can stand on the shoulders of giants and learn how 15 entrepreneurs from around the world have used the law of attraction and manifestation techniques to climb the ladder to success escalator style.

Veronica shares her story about Courage, and the steps to Freedom from feeling we are not enough, that we are whole and complete just as we are and we have the power to create what we want, no apology-no excuses.

All Successful Entrepreneurs Have a Mentor or Coach. How Would You Like to Have 15? By the end of this game-changing law-of-attraction book, you will be able to use the tested and proven secrets of 15 entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, different success stories, and various methods to get one step closer to your ultimate dream life.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading It Is Done! Right Away:

  • Learn How To Manifest Your Desires & Pursue Success Like A Predator
  • Understand The Universal Law Of Attraction & Use It To Achieve More
  • Start Your Own Business & Reach Your Full Potential

Unlike other manifestation or law-of-attraction books, this eye-opening business book will offer you real secrets from real entrepreneurs, so you can follow in their footsteps – starting today!

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eBook $9.99 or Hardcopy $15.25

Shameless- 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power is a personal guide to awareness, change, and what it takes to find the YOU again. That confident, funny, adventurous, curious, loving person you USED to be until the world and circumstances changed your idea about YOU.

You were all born beautiful and perfect. Experiences in life will affect how you feel about yourself and others, and if you are paying attention, you can make better choices and quit the need to prove you are worthy of success and love.

Veronica Crystal Young shares her hard-won wisdom and the steps she took to leave the past of emotional and physical abuse to become a successful corporate and creative businesswoman. She teaches and speaks about coping with emotional stress and the critical courage it will take for any changes you want in your life. She details the steps to reclaim confidence, how to recognize when the past might be creating fear about who you are and what you need to be, do, or have to be happy.

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The Other Side of Pain

$16.95 plus S&H

The Other Side of Pain is the life-changing handbook for adult abuse survivors who’ve secretly carried their pain for too long and are ready to reclaim their powers—and their lives. Full of pure heart, hard-won wisdom, and restorative compassion as it helps readers forge their awaiting path . . . back to themselves.

“Veronica Crystal Young shares her dramatic passage from childhood incest victim to empowered healer with plain-spoken, nonjudgmental, supportive language. She gently guides survivors through a series of steps that aid them on their own journey to heal their past trauma. An easy, yet riveting, powerful read!”

—Jennifer MacNamara-Mahoney, MS, Marriage and Family Therapist

Inspiration to Realization BOOK

Inspiration to Realization

$15.00 plus S&H

Inspiration to Realization, a 224-page paperback with 41 luminously gifted and compelling women entrepreneurs/experts in their respective professional fields to reveal proven strategies for business, personal, spiritual, and financial fulfillment. The book is divided into three interpersonal sections — spiritual, personal, business/financial.

Like a symphony of self accomplished female professionals, Inspiration to Realization’s authors reflect a varied group of successful artists, business owners, life coaches, consultants, CEOs, inventors, and psychologists. They are also thriving individuals, girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and sisters. The book’s premise holds that women collectively share in the pursuit of a vibrant, well-rounded life.

Online Coaching Programs


Critical Courage ®

The Critical Courage ® Coaching program is the first initial step—a leap, actually!—to finding your way back to yourself. Together, I lead you through some initial discovery steps and questions to heal your past, to reveal your hidden talents and skills, and finally shine your full effin’ Light!


Reclaim You Coaching

Reclaim You is the second step in claiming your Power. It is my signature 12-week one-on-one coaching program that shows you how to make conscious choices, reclaim your confidence and passion for living while gaining clarity and excitement for the path before you—starting Now. Each woman has her own reasons for craving a change and reclaiming her passion and love of life. Together, we’ll create a customized plan and journey for you, not for the sake of simply being different, but from where it all starts . . . the intentions of your own Heart.

Affirmation Cards


Critical Courage Affirmation Cards

It can be challenging to attempt or deal with a life change, especially if there is fear or uncertainty, or there are unhealed wounds from the past. Oracle cards have always been used as a tool for connecting with intuition and messages from the universe.

Change begins with small steps, and one positive action and thought after another. Frequently we get caught up in negative self-talk. These affirmations can be used to combat these often sub-conscious patterns and replace them with positive narratives.

These cards are created with Love and the Highest intentions. Use them to reclaim a positive mindset every day, and stay on track with nudges from the universe on your Path the Change.


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TV ArtScapes

Especially true during these challenging Times, Nature and its gifts bring such peace, clarity and connection to that inner voice…you know the one. Your inner self that is the higher power, your intuition, your “gut feeling” about things. The gift of nature helps me tap into my inner strength…the truth. Experiencing nature has always sharpened these senses and feelings. Goodness knows with all the high tech and media exposure we receive daily, listening and connecting with our true selves and our true passions sometimes can get lost.

Being able to travel and visit amazing places and to bring that beauty, joy and connection to others is a real passion of mine, especially for those who do not find the time to enjoy mother nature’s wonder.

When I experience the majesty of a waterfall, the power of the crashing surf, or any other incredibly beautiful place in Mother Nature’s realm, my mood and outlook on life is greatly improved, and truth and clarity for me always follows. In creating TV ArtScapes®, I wanted to bring that feeling of “being” inspired and connected, to every person, every day.

So experience Nature, let your heart and soul discover that beautiful, wise, loving and powerful person that is YOU. Thanks for stopping by, and remember…Youth is in your passions. Neither age nor your past defines you. “Live, Laugh and Love to the fullest…everyday!”